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Monday, September 7, 2020

The 2020 election calendar

Joe Biden And Running Mate Kamala Harris Deliver Remarks In Delaware Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) arrive to deliver remarks at the Alexis Dupont High School on August 12, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A full schedule of all the key dates in the 2020 presidential election: debates, conventions, and more.

The 2020 presidential election is ramping into high gear.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden announced his chosen running mate: California Sen. Kamala Harris, and Democrats held their first virtual convention in mid-August; the week after brought the Republican one. Biden and President Donald Trump have accepted their parties’ official nominations for president, and the fall campaign season is upon us.

The presidential debates will begin September 29 and run through October, though Trump has pushed for changes to the debate schedule.

Election Day itself, of course, will fall on Tuesday, November 3.

Read on for the important events of the 2020 election cycle and bookmark this page to refer back to. You can also add it to your Google Calendar by clicking the plus sign on the bottom right of this page, or subscribe through a calendar app of your choice. This page and the calendar subscriptions will be updated as dates and information change.

And check out our guides on how to vote early and by mail.

September 2020

September 29

  • First presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Case Western Reserve/Cleveland Clinic joint campus

October 2020

October 7

  • Vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah

October 15

  • Second presidential debate in Miami, Florida

October 22

  • Third presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, at Belmont University

November 2020

November 3

  • Election Day

Past 2020 election coverage

June 2019

June 26-27

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July 2019

July 30-31

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September 2019

September 4

September 12

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September 19-20

October 2019

October 15

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November 2019

November 20

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December 2019

December 19

Read all of our coverage from the December debate here.

January 2020

January 14

February 2020

February 3

  • Iowa caucuses

Read all of our coverage from the Iowa caucuses here.

February 7

February 11

  • New Hampshire primaries

Read all of our coverage from the New Hampshire primaries here.

February 19

February 22

  • Nevada caucuses

February 25

February 29

  • South Carolina primary

Read all of our coverage from the South Carolina primary here.

March 2020

March 3 (Super Tuesday)

  • Alabama primaries (D, R)
  • American Samoa caucuses (D)
  • Arkansas primaries (D, R)
  • California primaries (D, R)
  • Colorado primaries (D, R)
  • Maine primaries (D, R)
  • Massachusetts primaries (D, R)
  • Minnesota primaries (D, R)
  • North Carolina primaries (D, R)
  • Oklahoma primaries (D, R)
  • Tennessee primaries (D, R)
  • Texas primaries (D, R)
  • Utah primaries (D, R)
  • Vermont primaries (D, R)
  • Virginia primary (D)
  • Democrats Abroad primary (through March 10)

Read all of our coverage from Super Tuesday here.

March 10

  • Idaho primaries (D, R)
  • Michigan primaries (D, R)
  • Mississippi primaries (D, R)
  • Missouri primaries (D, R)
  • North Dakota caucuses (D)
  • Washington primaries (D, R)

Read all of our coverage from the March 10 primaries here.

March 12

  • Virgin Islands caucuses

March 14

  • Guam caucuses (R)
  • Northern Marianas convention (D)

March 15

March 17

  • Arizona primary (D)
  • Florida primaries (D, R)
  • Illinois primaries (D, R)
  • Northern Marianas convention (R)

Read all of our coverage from the March 17 primaries here.

March 24

  • American Samoa caucuses (R)

April 2020

April 7

  • Wisconsin primaries (D, R; April 7 is the election date and mail-in vote postmark deadline following court rulings, as of 8 pm ET on April 6)

April 10

  • Alaska primary (D; vote-by-mail only; results will be available no later than 11:59 pm on April 11)

April 17

  • Wyoming caucuses (D; vote-by-mail only)

April 28

May 2020

May 2

  • Kansas primary (D)
  • Guam caucuses (D)

May 7-9

  • Wyoming state convention (R)

May 12

  • Nebraska primaries (D, R)

May 19

  • Oregon primaries (D, R)

June 2020

June 2

  • Delaware primaries (D, R)
  • District of Columbia primaries (D, R)
  • Indiana primaries (D, R)
  • Maryland primaries (D, R)
  • Montana primaries (D, R)
  • New Mexico primaries (D, R)
  • Pennsylvania primaries (D, R)
  • Rhode Island primaries (D, R)
  • South Dakota primaries (D, R)

June 6

  • Virgin Islands caucuses (D)

June 7

  • Puerto Rico primary (R)

June 9

  • Georgia primaries (D, R)
  • West Virginia primaries (D, R)

June 23

  • Kentucky primaries (D, R)
  • New York primaries (D, R)

July 2020

July 7

New Jersey primaries (D, R)

July 11

Louisiana primaries (D, R)

August 2020

August 11

  • Connecticut primaries (D, R)

August 17-20

  • Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Read our coverage of the Democratic convention here.

August 24-27

  • Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina

Read our coverage of the Republican convention here.

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