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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Jill Biden: Trump’s attacks on Biden are ‘a distraction’

Jill Biden is tired of hearing about her husband's gaffes.

"Oh, you can't even go there. After Donald Trump you cannot even say the word gaffe," Biden said between laughs on an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.“ "Nope. Done. It's gone."

Biden laughed off a number of President Trump's attacks against her husband as acts of desperation, particularly Trump's accusations that Joe Biden is infirm and his sharing of a hashtag calling the Democratic presidential nominee a pedophile.

Trump has repeatedly cast his challenger as too weak to handle to rigors of the presidency, tweeting Sunday morning that he wanted a drug test for Biden ahead of their debate Tuesday. Trump also shared earlier this month a tweet using the hashtag "PedoBiden,“ advancing the slanderous conspiracy theory among the right that Biden is a pedophile.

Jill Biden shrugged off the president's attacks as a sign that Trump is looking for low blows as her husband shows "steadiness, that calm, empathy, things that people are looking for right now."

“Donald Trump looks at Joe and says, oh, my god, like, there is my competition. What can I think of to distract people? And that's all he's trying to do,“ Jill Biden said. "But Joe's tough."

The former second lady added that she and her family expected these kinds of attacks from the president based on past comments over the course of his presidency. Trump has never shied away from demeaning his political foes, with nothing — from their physical appearance to their ethnic backgrounds — off the table.

"We know who Donald Trump is," Jill Biden said. "We've known for four years and I expected it. We're a tough family."

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