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Monday, October 2, 2023

Black Immigrant Experience: Caribbean to California

 Picture it: You’re on a plane from Jamaica or Trinidad, leaving behind sun-soaked beaches and ancestral land, for the land of dreams—California. The palm trees are still there, but the context is worlds apart. That's right, folks, today we're talking about the Black Immigrant Experience, specifically Caribbean to California.

So let's get into it: Hollywood. Sunny beaches. Silicon Valley. When we talk California, we’re often talking the land of glamour, technology, and endless opportunity. Yet for the Black immigrant coming from the Caribbean, California isn’t just a stage for stardom; it's a complex ecosystem, rife with contradictions. I mean, imagine leaving an island where the majority looks like you to arrive in a place where suddenly, you're categorized, boxed, labeled—often by color, but also by your accent. It's like waking up from a dream to find out you're starring in a play you never auditioned for.

Now, let’s talk daily habits. The morning cup of Blue Mountain Coffee or Trinidadian Cocoa Tea is replaced by Starbucks—basic, I know. But here's a tweak—why not stick a miniature flag of your home country into that double espresso? Yes, make it a habit. Trust me, the feeling of seeing that flag, your heritage, standing tall amid the corporate generic brew—it’s revolutionary. It's a daily statement. It says, "I'm here, I belong, and I bring with me the richness of another world."

Do you feel that? That’s the excitement, the awe of embarking on this new journey while paying homage to your roots. It’s a small act, but potent. If done right, it could even become LinkedIn viral—imagine an army of executives parading their double espressos, each flag representing a narrative, a struggle, a triumph. The sharing wouldn’t just be about the caffeine hit but the culture hit. The narrative of struggle and triumph, the blend of old and new worlds—that’s LinkedIn gold, my friends.

Now, for a narrative. Picture Joan. Born in Haiti, educated in Kingston, but now she’s navigating board meetings in Silicon Valley. Each morning, she sticks her Haitian flag into her coffee and snaps a photo. The flag isn’t just fabric; it’s her story. It's her mother's prayers and her father's sacrifice. One day, her flag-photo reaches an influential CEO. Intrigued, he invites her for a meeting. Lo and behold, Joan isn't just another suit in the Valley; she’s a powerhouse with a distinct worldview. A worldview enriched by her journey from the Caribbean to California. A worldview that disrupts, challenges, and enriches.

In summary, the Black Immigrant Experience from the Caribbean to California isn’t just a geographical shift; it's a shift in narrative, a journey of identity. It’s a daily act of revolution—from that morning coffee flag to breaking boundaries in the boardroom. It is the potent blend of the personal with the professional, the infusion of the Caribbean spirit into the Californian dream, and the transformative power of blending worlds.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A Dance Through Time: The African Roots of Salsa and Samba

Ah, salsa and samba. Two dances that can make even the most reserved among us tap a foot or bob a head. These rhythmic extravaganzas aren't just a casual Saturday night affair; they are tapestries woven with threads from the African diaspora. Buckle up, LinkedIn fam; we're taking a groove-laden journey through history.

You step into a dimly-lit room; the air is thick with tension and hope. Is it a sales meeting? No, folks. It's a salsa club on a Tuesday night. Red and blue lights spin, caressing the faces of everyone, including José, a middle manager by day, a salsa king by night. Why does José, who can run a budget meeting without breaking a sweat, seem even more alive here? Perhaps because José is dancing to a beat that has journeyed through continents, endured the Middle Passage, and survived cultural extinction.

Hey LinkedIn, if you want to climb that corporate ladder, you also need to recognize the layers in your world, the different dances you perform—negotiating, networking, even the morning scrum. It’s like salsa and samba; at first glance, a swirl of color and sound, but with a backstory as compelling as any corporate saga. Both are born of resistance and survival, legacies of African rhythms brought to Latin America through slave trade. Feel the awe yet? You should. Imagine a melody so potent, so irrefutable that it transcends generations and geographies.

Now, here's a tip to keep that awe alive—incorporate a little of that history into your daily routine. Wake up every morning and listen to a salsa or samba track. As you lace up your “business-casual” shoes, remember that these rhythms were worn into existence by feet shackled in iron. As the brass blares and drums beat, remind yourself of the unquenchable spirit that gave birth to the dance and to so much more. LinkedIn, it will make your daily grind seem less like grinding and more like... dancing.

Consider the story of Ella, an Afro-Latinx woman who leveraged her love for salsa into her business acumen. Ella knew the origins of salsa, the mix of African, European, and Indigenous influences. She leveraged this knowledge into her marketing role, creating campaigns that had the same blended richness. The secret sauce? A dance through time from Africa to the Americas. Like Ella, we all are dancing through a complex choreography of life, careers, and global histories.

The dances of salsa and samba are not just social pastimes or entries on a Zumba playlist. They are complex tapestries that embody the triumph, pain, and resilience of the African diaspora. Dance, like business, is a blend of technique, history, and a touch of something ineffable. Whether you're closing a deal, or nailing that complicated salsa turn, remember: You are part of a dance that has been evolving for centuries, and it's one that will continue long after we've logged off our last LinkedIn update.

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