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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Elections, are we there yet?

This week’s episode of the ‘Dear Culture Podcast’ Dr. Christina Greer and Dr. Jason Johnson ask the question, “can the president still win this thing?”

In prep for Election Day as well as the aftermath, over the next few weeks theGrio political contributors Dr. Christina Greer and Dr. Jason Johnson will be steering The Dear Culture Podcast ship with their political expertise. 

From Ice Cube, herd immunity, to the polls, unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. The global health pandemic combined with many folks reaching their wits end with voter disenfranchisement, there has been record amounts of early voter turnout and registration. And it’s got a lot of us and The Dear Culture Podcast wondering, “Dear Culture, can the president still win this thing?”

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The answer is neither a full yes or no. Though many folks are mobilizing to usher back a Democratic presidency, something Black people know all too well, is that “these polls cannot be trusted,” says Greer. As the polls say multiple things throughout the week, there are more horses in the proverbial game. Dr. Johnson reminds us that it is possible for Trump to win and “all he has to use is the courts” in his favor. 

“These polls ain’t loyal.” Jokes Dr. Johnson to Dr. Greer

As the nation watches swing states, recently in Pennsylvania, Republicans sued to say that any vote that wasn’t received on Election Day cannot be counted, and that goes for mail too. It took a 4 to 4 tie ruling from TheSupremeCourt to say that states have to at least accept votes received by November 6th. The tie came from Justice John Roberts siding with the liberals. Mind you, there’s another right wing Justice on the way.

Not only can legal challenges potentially still allow Trump to win the election, the rhetoric of white American and Black celebrities very much adds to the noise. Recently many Black celebrities have come out of the woodwork stating that “they love the tax breaks” regardless of the xenophobia, anti-semitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, and so forth. From 50 Cent to Ice Cube, Greer and Johnson do not support the concept of Black capitalism. Which is the same as capitalism, but just exploiting your own people. Regardless if it’s right or left winged, Black capitalism does not help the conditions of our peoples, rather, it divides our communities. Which is the antithesis to Blackness.

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“If the Republican party is poop, then the Democractic party is asparagus. Both of them smell bad, but only one of them I’d want to eat.” Jokes Dr. Greer. 

As Greer effortlessly stated in her metaphor, voting for the Democratic Party is not the lesser of two evils. Our current elections have shown us that sometimes it’s about voting for who you think will do the work for your communities. The difference falls between which presidential candidate is more accessible to the demands, concerns, and desires of the Black community at large. And such a difference is key to the election. 

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