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Monday, August 17, 2020

Meet The Nurse Helping Entrepreneurs Train Nursing Assistants Across the Country

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Victoria Randle

Victoria Randle is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and CEO of The Secret Cocktail, founded in 2018. It is a business consulting firm that helps develop certified nursing assistant (CNA) schools in all 50 states.

The Secret Cocktail helps technical schools and individuals prepare a state-approved nurse aid training program that exceeds basic standards. She began her career in healthcare as a CNA working in nursing homes and hospitals. After seven years as a CNA, she decided to further her education and went on to obtain three more degrees.

Randle’s healthcare experience is very diverse as she has worked in Burn ICU, Long Term Acute Care, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, and has even managed a 56-bed post-surgical unit, just to name a few.

With her 12 years of experience as a nurse in such diverse backgrounds, her knowledge makes her more than capable to help other entrepreneurial-minded men and women start their own nursing schools and flourish. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with this powerhouse.

Why were you so adamant about helping others start their own CNA Schools?

Starting my own CNA school was a confusing and frustrating endeavor. I wanted to make the process of CNA school ownership streamlined for those who wish to enter it. I also wanted to help create a fast-track educational option for individuals around the world so they could obtain a skill that will pull them out of poverty.

Tell us about your annual retreat and why other medical school owners would want to attend?

My Mastermind Retreat empowers school owners with basic marketing knowledge so that they can either carry out those duties if they need to or they can hold those they hire accountable. I can show them how to get a school approved all day, but if they do not know how to make people aware that it exists as an educational option, approval doesn’t matter.

You’ve created a mentorship program. Tell us about it.

My CNA School Business Building Mentorship allows me to mentor aspiring owners from afar. It is a hybrid program with a combination of online classes and in-person virtual meetings with me or someone from our team. The goal is to walk clients through the complicated process of CNA school startup to ensure they get it done right the first time.

Dr. Jessica Mosley is a serial entrepreneur who loves teaching fellow CEO women how to show up in their truth & power. As Steward Owner of MizCEO Entrepreneurial Media Brand, Sovereign Care Home Care, Sovereign Care Medical Training Center, and Deborah’s Place for Battered Women, Jessica is busy making moves that impact her community & those connected to her.

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