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Monday, August 10, 2020

Liberty University taps Falwell fill-in

Liberty University announced Monday that Jerry Prevo will serve as acting president while Jerry Falwell Jr. takes “an indefinite leave of absence” following criticism for posting a photo with his pants unzipped.

Falwell, one of President Donald Trump’s leading evangelical supporters, was widely condemned for posting and then deleting a photo that showed him vacationing on a yacht with his pants unzipped, holding a drink, and with his arm around a woman.

Liberty University has a strict code of conduct that includes prohibiting students from having sexual relations outside of a “biblically ordained” marriage and consuming media with lewd lyrics, sexual content or nudity.

Falwell has led Liberty University, based in Lynchburg, Va., since 2007, when he took over the post from his father, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr., who founded the school.

Prevo, who is expected to be on campus starting next week, has served on the Liberty University Board of Trustees since 1996 and has been the chairman since 2003, according to the university.

“I want to thank my fellow board members for having confidence that I could be entrusted with the responsibility of serving as the Acting President during this time of Jerry Falwell, Jr’s indefinite leave of absence,” Prevo said in a statement.

“Please pray for us as well as the Falwell family as we embark on our academic year and so we may continue to be united in our common purpose and our faith in Christ,” he added.

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