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Saturday, August 22, 2020

House Democrats want to give the USPS $25 billion

The Republican-controlled Senate said that they would “absolutely not pass” the stand-alone bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic House of Representatives, has voted to provide $25 billion to the USPS and stop any policy changes that would affect the election.

The “Delivering for America Act” was written to ensure that mail-in ballots will not be delayed or not accounted for after the removal of postboxes and the USPS corporate restructuring.

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Pelosi called out incumbent President Donald Trump for bashing mail-in voting, calling it a concerted effort to suppress voting alongside Trump’s demands for law enforcement officers to monitor voting at polling places, Reuters reported. 

“The American people do not want anyone messing with the Post Office. They certainly do not want it to be politicized. They just want their mail, they want their medicines and they want their mail-in ballots delivered in a timely way. And that is exactly what our bill does,” Democratic Representative Carolyn Maloney, who authored the legislation, said.

However, the Republican-controlled Senate, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement that the Senate would “absolutely not pass” the stand-alone bill, Reuters reported.

The White House also strongly opposed the legislation, calling on President Trump to veto the proposal.

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Maloney also released a Postal Service document showing there is a correlation between an 8% slowdown in the processing of first-class mail and Louis DeJoy, a close ally of Trump, theGrio previously reported, becoming postmaster in June.

Despite there being a slim chance of this bill getting passed in the Senate, more than two dozen Republicans have sided with Democrats on the issue this Saturday.

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