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Friday, July 17, 2020

Talib Kweli called out for harassing Black woman on Twitter for 10 days

The rapper has vowed to target Maya A. Moody for the next 13 years

Talib Kweli has been under fire over the last week after his followers noticed that he had been consistently targeting a Black woman for speaking about colorism in the Black community.

Initially, a Twitter user asked their followers to name rappers who married Black women besides Snoop Dogg. When another user provided a list of the Black rappers who are married to Black women, Talib’s name was on that list.

Talib Kweli
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Ozy Fusion Fest 2017)

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That’s when user @MoneyyMaya pointed out that most of the women on the list were also light-skinned, noting, “Literally almost all of them are married to light skinned women but that’s a conversation for another day.”

Although the rapper wasn’t tagged on the post he seemingly took offense and immediately responded, “If you cared about my family you wouldn’t be tagging and harassing them. Every time y’all tag Eque y’all prove y’all are deplorable hateful anti-black anti-women monsters who are here for the clout chase.”

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From that point forward, the entertainer continued to go back and forth with the user for 10 days, even after several followers repeatedly asked him to stop using his platform to harass her.

Eventually, Maya A. Moody took to social media to allege that people working for Talib threatened not only her but also members of her family. She also explained why she’d addressed the colorism topic in the first place.

“This tweet was made to address colorism and desirability politics within the Black community: specifically amongst Black entertainers,” she began. “This was not an attempt to invalidate the Blackness of light skinned people, but to bring awareness to the well known fact: that Black rappers, athletes and entertainers prefer to date and marry light skinned and nonBlack women.”

Maya Moody Twitter Talib
(Credit: Maya A. Moody)

She stated that the rapper had engaged in a week-long harassment against her. It has allegedly inspired his supporters to do the same.

“Talib Kweli has been on a week-long harassment spree directed at me via Twitter and Instagram, which has led his followers threatening to murder my family and I for this tweet,” she continued.

“I have also been threatened with human trafficking, and they have been posting pictures of my parents online, who are ALL federal employees, along with their full names, where we live, and my stepmother’s old job and salary.”

Undeterred, Talib doubled down on his harassment and vowed to come after Moody for the next 13 years. He also made claims that she is a Nazi and a White supremacist.

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