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Thursday, July 23, 2020

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10,000 Black Men Named George (2002) | Andre Braugher Charles S. Dutton dir. Robert Townsend
10,000 Black Men Named George is a 2002 Showtime TV movie about A. Philip Randolph and his coworkers Milton Webster and Ashley Totten. The title refers to the custom of the time when Pullman porters, all of whom were black, were addressed as "George". - Wikipedia Rated R for language and brief nudity. Synopsis The powerful true story of the first Black-controlled union, The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. When the Great Depression struck America in the 1920s finding work was hard, but if you were poor and Black it was virtually impossible. Working as a porter for the Pullman Rail Company was an option, but it meant taking home a third as much as white employees and working some days for free. You could forget about being called by your real name—all Black porters were simply called “George” after George Pullman. Asa Philip Randolph, a Black journalist and socialist trying to establish a voice for these forgotten workers, agrees to fight for the Pullman porters’ cause and form the first black union in America. Livelihoods and lives would be put at risk in the attempt to gain 10,000 signatures of the men known only as “George.” This is the true story of how a courageous leader came to be known as “the most dangerous man in America.” Andre Braugher as A. Philip Randolph Charles S. Dutton as Milton Webster Mario Van Peebles as Ashley Totten Brock Peters as Leon Frey Carla Brothers as Lucille Randolph Kenneth McGregor as Barton Davis Ellen Holly as Selena Frey Ernestine Jackson as Mrs. Randolph Ardon Bess as Daddy Moore Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights. ##### Reelblack's mission is to educate, elevate, entertain, enlighten, and empower through Black film. If there is content shared on this platform that you feel infringes on your intellectual property, please email me at and with details and it will be promptly removed.

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