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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Former Miss Universe Malaysia Apologizes for Saying Black Americans ‘Chose to be Born as a ‘Coloured’ Person’

Samantha Katie James

The former Miss Universe Malaysia has angered many people by claiming that black people in America “chose to be born as a ‘coloured’ person,” according to The Independent.

Below are statements from former Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James that she posted in a now-deleted series of Instagram postings:

“I don’t live in America and it has nothing to do with me, but to me, it seems like the ‘whites’ won,” she wrote.

“If you’re angry, you response in rage and anguish and that means it has power over you. They have power over you.”

“To the black people: Relax, take it as a challenge, makes you stronger.

“You chose to be born as a ‘coloured’ person in America for a reason. To learn a certain lesson.

“Accept it as it is, till now hunger and poverty still exists. It is what it is. It’s inevitable. Best you can do is remain calm, protect heart, don’t allow it to crumble.

“That’s your responsibility,” she said.

When James was questioned by a follower who asked what she meant by “chose to be born ‘coloured’” she stated: “Like our souls. Chose this life, this country, this race, this human form, specifically… I always wonder why I’m born in Malaysia, as a white girl, with Chinese mom and Indian grandparents and Brazilian dad.

“But I chose this all for a reason, as a soul.”

The 25-year-old James, after receiving backlash from her followers, then issued an apology.

“I do hear you, I’m sorry. I know you’re hurting. I know it’s unfair. I’m not in your shoes to understand this fully.”


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The Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation also released a statement: “Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO) notes with dismay the recent social media posts made by Samantha Katie James, a past winner of Miss Universe Malaysia. We also note that these posts are inappropriate, offensive, unacceptable and hurtful.

“The views expressed on Samantha’s personal Instagram account are her own personal views and are neither the view nor position of MUMO. Samantha Katie James is not contracted to MUMO and has not represented the organisation since June 2018.

“MUMO stands for a non-racial society and strongly condemns all acts of racism and prejudice anywhere in the world.”


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