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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Wanda Durant Shares the Importance of Putting Yourself First and Giving Back as a Mother

Wanda Durant

Many people know Wanda Durant, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, advocate and philanthropist, affectionately as “the Real MVP.” What many do not know is her story.

As a single mother who set her sons on pathways to success, “Mama Durant” now helps others do the same through the Wanda Durant The Real MVP Foundation. In a sit-down interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE Digital & Events Editor Lydia T. Blanco, Durant shared her journey of self-rediscovery, the importance of mental wellness, and advice for parents in the time of COVID-19.

Having raised two sons–Anthony and Kevin Durant (basketball superstar and provider of her now-famous nickname)–as a single mother, Wanda Durant knows what it is like to sacrifice, go without, and show up for children relentlessly. She also knows how to adapt once there’s an empty nest. Now, she’s highly regarded for her no-nonsense parenting advice.

During the conversation, Wanda Durant spoke candidly about the challenges she faced as a young mother and lessons she learned about herself along the way. With sons over the age of 30, she offered sound advice to those still parenting young and adult children.

This Mother’s Day, Durant wants to encourage women who are parents and guardians to take a moment to themselves and celebrate all that they have accomplished in relation to motherhood and their personal journeys.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, while families are home together, Wanda Durant touched on the importance of creating healthy bonds that promote mental wellness. The Wanda Durant The Real MVP Foundation focuses on education and empowering children and their families. During the pandemic, she and her team have made it a priority to support students by providing them with an online curriculum to make remote learning accessible.

Do you see why she’s the real MVP? And she’s not the only one. There are countless mothers who have laid it all down for their children who are being celebrated for their selfless commitment.

At BLACK ENTERPRISE, we celebrate you all. Happy Mother’s Day!


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