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Saturday, December 28, 2019

White director says ‘Black Panther’ gave Blacks a ‘false reality’ about Africa

Many people love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it seems like Terry Gilliam is not included in the number. Recently, he has had words not only about the Marvel but also about its hit franchise, Black Panther, and how it has misled millions of Black children with a false narrative about Africa.

The award-winning director and a former member of the Monty Python comedy team believes that the success of the comic book giant is stomping on the success of lower-budget film projects.

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“I don’t like the fact that they’re dominating the place so much,” Gilliam said to Indiewire. “They’re taking all the money that should be available for a greater variety of films.”

Gilliam, who is currently promoting his new film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, went in on one of Marvel’s jewel series, Black Panther, stating he “hated” it.  Stating that, “It makes me crazy.” The director believed the creators of the film had “never been to Africa” and states the fictional world of Wakanda serves a false reality.

“It gives young black kids the idea that this is something to believe in. Bulls—t. It’s utter bulls—t.”

During his rant, he accused the producers of putting little effort into authenticating the African presence, stating that the production’s biggest effort in this regard was hiring a stylist who knew a little something about African fabrics.

Despite this assertion, there contends that they did considerable advance work.

The Independent details that the Black Panther crew, headed by director Ryan Coogler, did make a trip to Africa to research and learn the history of the continent before they started shooting what would be the first superhero film to be nominated for an Academy Award. In addition, scenes from the blockbuster film were shot in South Africa, Zambia and Uganda.

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Marvel and Black Panther aren’t the only things that the director has blasted recently, he took aim at the #MeToo movement in 2018. Fox News detailed Gilliam referring to the movement as “silly” while sticking up for Harvey Weinstein. “Harvey opened the door for a few people, a night with Harvey— that’s the price you pay,” he said.

A Black Panther sequel is scheduled to arrive in May of 2022.

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