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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kierra Sheard On How She Prepared To Play Her Mother For ‘The Clark Sisters’ Biopic

Fans can’t wait to see Kierra Sheard play her mother, Karen Clark Sheard in the upcoming biopic of “The Clark Sisters” about the amazingly talented family group’s rise to gospel music stardom.

Although some may think it’s easy because she was raised by her, Kierra still had to transform herself.

In a recent interview, Keirra said she prepared for the role by sleeping with her mother’s music playing in her ears.

Playing the role became an emotional experience as she learned more about her family.

In the course of filming, Kierra found out that her grandmother was in an abusive relationship. She didn’t want to give everything away about the biopic, but fans will truly be shocked by some things.

Kierra also spoke about working with Donald Lawrence, music and so much more.


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